10 Tips On Selling Your Car To An Online Car Buyer

Bonafide Company

1. Are they reputable, are they a proper registered business in England and Wales ? A company that is registered for VAT are more likely to be a proper run company rather than a backstreet garage that is here now and gone tomorrow.


Know Your Buyer

2. Always try to use a company online that displays their company registration number , VAT number and full postal address. There are too many websites that try to operate anonymously which is very fishy.


Have A Good Relationship With Your Buyer

3. When selling a car to an online company make sure you deal with one person within the organisation so that there is no confusion on terms when you come to doing the deal. Keep it simple and have a full understanding of how the transaction is going to be completed.


Know All The Costs So You Don’t Get Conned

4. Confirm with the person you are dealing with regarding any fees, charges or anything that is going to cost you money whilst completing the deal.


Be As Honest As Possible, Honesty Is The Best Policy

5. Always be 100% honest with condition of the car and service history documentation also. Don’t give the buyer any excuse to reduce the price as this is quite often what they are looking for.


Clean It ready For Sale

6. Get your vehicle valeted for £10 or £20 before the buyer comes to view it. Reason behind this is so that they can clearly see what they are buying and also you will be able to see anything on the car which may need attention. You don’t want to have to reduce the price by £100 just because the car is in need of valeting.


Sell It Legally

7. Ensure your car is legal when arranging the sale, make sure your tyres are at least 4mm in tread and make sure your mot is in date, ideally at least 3 months to run. If your mot has expired or your tyres are illegal then a driver cannot drive it away upon purchase so this is likely to hinder your sale and may cause the buyer to reduce the price considerably if purchasing atall. In some instances they will often refuse to buy your vehicle.


Make Sure You Get Paid

8. Once the deal is confirmed, make sure payment is received in full before you release the car. You don’t want to have to chase the money once the car is gone. Check your bank account for cleared funds by way of the Internet banking or go to the branch to double check. Never accept a cheque which will take days to clear unless the buyer is happy to wait until it’s cleared.


Get A Bill Of Sale

9. Make sure you obtain a full invoice with company details for your own records. Also confirm that all paperwork is correctly completed so that your not responsible for the vehicle after it has been driven away. A lot of people write the time the car goes on the Dvla slip to cover themselves. You don’t want a speeding fine which wasn’t you.


Don’t Leave Anything Behind

10. Make sure you empty any belongings from your car before it is driven away, including parking permits sunglasses, CDs and personal paperwork. Anything left inside will probably never be seen again.