When you’re imagining the top selling cars in the world, even in the United Kingdom, you’d expect to see a wide variety of exotic, foreign cars, right? I mean, it is overseas, and American cars can’t be that popular, right? Surely the rest of the world is using different varieties and models of cars, because the European market has ALWAYS been ahead of the American market, right?

Over the period of a decade, however, the trends have changed remarkably, and you might be surprised to find out which cars are at the top of the list. In fact, the models that rank in the top ten are so common here in America, it might just convince you to go buy one yourself- millions of people can’t be wrong, right?

The vast majority of our data rests on Europe- namely the UK, but the statistics don’t lie. We’ve also got reports that rank the popularity of cars worldwide, and the ten top cars that are especially popular aren’t that exotic- in fact, some of them are cars that you see all over America as well. The statistics are in, and the lines have been drawn, and here are the conclusions that we’ve come to about the top cars worldwide.

Also, we aim to address why these cars are so wildly popular, and what drives people to purchase a car worldwide.

10. VW Polo-
With 684,810 units sold in the world, this German model car is number ten on our list. With a sporty look and plenty of features, it makes sense why it would be on this list.

9. Ford Fiesta
One of the most gas efficient cars out there with a decent balance of power and efficiency, the Ford Fiesta sold approximately 693,910 models this year.

8. Chevy Cruise
At 706,170, the Cruise is number 8 on our list, with a good balance between performance and operability. With lower fuel economy than other models, we aren’t surprised to see it exactly where it’s at.

7. Honda CR-V
The Honda CR-V sold approximately 728,820 models this year, surpassing many other varieties of compact cars with a healthy balance of space, comfort and fuel efficiency.

6. Wuling Hong Guang
This Chinese car isn’t seen in the United States, offering comfort in a “Multipurpose Vehicle”, sold over 750,020 cars internationally.

5. Toyota Camry
Toyota brand cars are always exceptionally popular, and the Camry is no different, with its’ reliability and value, with an approximate 763,800 models sold worldwide.

4. Hyundai Elantra
The Elantra has been highly marketed, and this sleek mid-sized car is a great alternative for those seeking high efficiency vehicles, selling approximately 808,190 models worldwide.

3. VW Golf/Rabbit
The compact VW Golf is among the top three- not surprising if you know how popular it is in Europe, which we’ll discuss later- it sold approximately 952,140 models worldwide.

2. Ford Focus
At number two worldwide, the Ford Focus sold over 1,025,000 vehicles, with it’s sleek, streamlined design, fuel economic engine and amazing features- definitely an upgrade over the older, boring models of this car.

1. Toyota Corolla
While this statistic is highly debatable because of the direct marketing approach by Toyota that led this car to be named different things in different countries, Toyota sold approximately 1,223,250 models of the Corolla, topping the list- showing exactly what’s important to the world in a car design.

The Best Selling Vehicles in the UK:

1. Ford Fiesta
With a 1.0 liter engine that operates on triple-cylinders, this compact car comes in a wide variety of styles and gives an excellent balance of power and efficiency, propelling it to sell to 123,747 new Ford enthusiasts in the UK

2. Ford Fusion
We mentioned how stylish this car was a little bit in the previous statistics, but it’s really amazing how far these two Ford models have come- completely re-designed with the world in mind, the Ford Focus has had a very detailed make-over, leading to it’s wide popularity selling over 78,000 2014 models in the UK alone.

3. Vauxhall Corsa
Very similar to older models of this car, this widely popular model keeps pace with the sensibilities of the British lifestyle, offering class and style in a small, easy to drive car that cruises from point to point with a luxury flair, selling 73,709 models in 2014 in the UK

4. VW Golf
Volkswagen lowered lease prices on these puppies- making them much more popular in the UK with a very familiar hatchback style and power to boot. This particular model of VW sold over 69,000 models in 2014

5. Vauxhall Astra
Look, another Vauxhall in the top 5. This is the 5 millionth car that this brand (Ellesmere Port) produced, making this limited luxury vehicle a smash hit with the UK audience selling over 54,000 models.

6. Nissan Qashqai
Nissan is pretty much the cross-over royalty in the UK. It’s stylish, has a decent amount of power and space, showcasing UK auto making, selling around 47,000 models.

7. VW Polo
This VW sold almost 45,000 models in the UK due to the serious facelift that makes it look much more stylish and classy. It’s specs say that it’s a super-mini, and those features put it in the top ten.

8. Audi A3
Right up there with the Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes, the minimalist design and flex-fuel capabilities of the Audi A3 landed it in the top ten, even with its’ price tag and “premium” status, selling over 42,000 models.

9.Fiat 500
With tweaked engines, plenty of power, and a cute appearance, the Fiat 500 puts a new approach on quality build and Italian manufacturing, but it’s the only Italian car among the top ten with only 41,000 in sales in the UK.

10. Nissan Juke
With a tiny engine that’s great with gas, the Juke managed to sell over 36,000 cars in the UK, which lands it directly in tenth place, despite being the smallest, least powerful cross-over vehicle that Nissan produces.
(Image credits: https://www.topgear.com/uk/photos/The-ten-best-selling-cars-of-2014-12-22)

Why are these Ford cars so wildly popular?

What global trends are driving people’s buying decisions, especially overseas? These are the kinds of choices that car dealers and prospective buyers are trying to answer when they’re looking at the best cars out there. We’ve realized that it really comes to a few key factors, more than anything else:

– Affordable Features
People want the little things that make cars exquisite- the leather seats that let you feel your engine underneath your rump, the extra sub-woofer in the back (standard in the Titanium Ford Focus models), excellent electronic features like navigation, Bluetooth capability, sunroofs, plenty of space, and obviously power to get where you’re going in a hurry. Without these features, it’s hard for people to buy a stock model of any car- this is where the newest models of the Ford Focus really shine, because they offer users ALL kinds of features at a reasonable price- definitely a step up from past years.

– Reliability
As well as features, people really want cars that get them where they’re going without worrying about breaking down- as well as offering plenty of safety features that make a driver and their passengers feel comfortable with their decisions. More to the point, the best selling models have a reputation for quality that comes with the name- especially in models like the Vauxhall in the UK.

– Fuel Efficiency
It might seem like a surprising trend, but gas isn’t cheap! Fuel economy is one of the most important things that people think about, and many are downsizing from larger vehicles, just to squeeze the most out of their gas tanks, even internationally.

– Great Value for the Price
In the end, the number one thing that people really think about is the value for the price, and it’s important that the luxury and resale value stick around as much as possible after the car is sold and on the road. Buyers are really looking for a great value- and American cars are starting to make it back up the list in the world’s eyes, especially with the newest Ford products.

– Doesn’t Have to Be Flashy
When you think of popular cars, you probably immediately think of Jaguars, Ferrari’s or Porches, but it isn’t always the case. In the UK, smaller is better, and this trend is true of most of the world- although a sleek design and space age features don’t hurt.