London’s Main Motorway enters its 30th year. 

 The m25 which circles around the capital was opened on October 29th 1986 although it seems to be a full circle, it is made up of other roads and several tunnels and a bridge called the Queen Elizabeth II. This is the one of the most congested river crossings in the UK which goes over the river thames before if flows onto the north sea.

queen elizabeth bridge


M25 Several Unknown Factors

One of the many tunnels called Bell Common which lies between junction 26 and 27 has a cricket pitch just above it, which the average motorist would never know this as it can’t be seen from the road. The services known as South Mimms is close to an Elizabethan Manor House which was an area known as North Mymms.

The M25 which was opened by Margeret Thatcher was actually put in principle back in 1905 when the Royal Commission of London traffic realised that the capitals traffic would need a solution to keep it flowing. This was an outline plan that eventually became the M25. During the years of construction and widening there has been 39 public enquiries which has been over 700 sitting days.

The busiest part of the M25 road way is between junction 14 and 15 which is Heathrow airport, this 10 mile stretch sees 200,000 cars pass through it every day. This area is thought to maybe face considerable changes in the future with ideas ranging from more tunnels and maybe a runway to go over the road rather a tunnel underneath. As it gets busier then the M25 will have to continue to evolve to cope with the ongoing demand of a heavy flow of traffic.

Costing nearly 1 Billion pounds and taking 11 years to complete is now referred to as the worlds busiest car park.