Our new guaranteed pricing structure is made up of 4 common things when buying your car.


1. Customer satisfaction.

Easycarbuyers are looking to keep their customers satisfied at all costs even if it means we would lose money. When we buy a car if we made a mistake for instance we would honour our valuation at all costs. Why should a customer suffer financially due to one of our mistakes. If we agree to buy a car for a certain amount then we will buy it. Some companies change their mind whilst the trade value may go down in a month, we won’t we, will stay with our valuation.

2. Honesty and integrity.

Easycarbuyers will value your car the most honest way possible. If for example a customer wants £5000 for a car that is worth £10,000 we would, as an honest outfit buy the car for the trade value and advise our customer that they made a mistake. We would never mislead a customer and make up excuses about a cars value.

3. Ability to value a car through years of knowledge.

Our staff at Easycarbuyers have extensive knowledge in the market trends of all makes and models. We use the most up to date online tools to cross reference all of our valuations so we can make sure all of our valuations are fair and accurate.

4. Leniency when it comes to condition.

What a lot of online companies do here is they will give a price to buy your car and then when you turn up to sell it they will pick holes in the car’s condition and then knock of ridiculous amounts so that they can buy your car a lot cheaper. We consider this method as bad business practice and definitely don’t condone this behaviour. If a car is not as described and is in need of bodywork repairs or wheel refurbishments then we will still try to pay the price we agreed and may only knock off a small amount towards some repairs. Anything we knock off will be a trade amount at bare minimum cost towards any such repairs. We have a general contingency towards every car so any vehicle needing minor wear and tear jobs will probably not be affected in price.